Program Overview


Age Groups - Born between 1/1/2007 - 12/31/2010

Overview: Our Competitive program is for those players and families who want more from soccer and are willing to make the sport a major priority in their lives. The program offers players the opportunity to visit other soccer hotbeds around the area, and to compete against some of the region's top competition. The distinguishing quality between our Recreational program and our Competitive program is the level of commitment involved. Players are expected to train and travel more than recreational players do. This program offers some great skill and player development as our players are all getting coaching from licensed coaches. Players will train 2 times per week.

Season & Fees: Our Competitive program starts August 20th, 2018 and will continue through middle of July 2019. Cost of Competitive Program: $180.00 plus additional costs per event. (Aug - July). There will be a reduced rate of $130.00 if you wish to sign up in October/November for the months of November - July.

Program Purpose: The purpose of this program is to provide advanced training and competition for those players who enjoy the sport and desire to deepen their involvement with it. By offering this more competitive program we aim to:

o Capture our more committed players by offering them opportunities to train and play,
o Increase participation at more competitive levels by increasing the depth of teaching,
o Build a consistent stream of teams training and traveling at competitive levels by adopting this program into our soccer culture. In other words, this will become our club/competitive program.

Commitment: All WYSA programs operate on two levels of commitment, WYSA's commitment to the player/family, and the player's/family's commitment to the program.

Player's/Family's Commitment We understand that many of our kids participate with other sports. We don't want to deny a child's opportunity to play all the sports they enjoy. Therefore, we do not expect that every player attend every training and/or event. This is why we have given you the dates in advance. You can make a decision as a family as to whether this is something that you are really capable of doing.

WYSA's Commitment This program holds a central focus on player development, no player is going to be penalized because a lack of performance, or understanding. We are committed to ensuring that all players have the opportunities needed to learn, and develop their soccer ability both on the training pitch, and in the game. However, because hard work and consistent effort is a value we hold as a soccer community, players who show a disinterest and lack of effort will be restricted in their opportunities to participate within the program, the trainings, and competitions.

How do I register for Competitive Program:

  • 2018-19 Competitive Registration ONLINE at
  • Code of Conduct Form - available on website under documents library
  • US Youth Medical Release Form - available on website under documents library
  • Copy of Birth Certificate - ALL new players to Competitive must submit copy to WYSA office.
  • Cookie Dough Fundraiser Form - available on website under documents library

Cookie Dough Fundraiser: You will have the option to buy out of the fundraiser. Cost is $25.00 (per player) OR sell cookie dough (minimum of 6 tubs of cookie dough for the 1st player and 4 additional tubs for each additional player). If you choose to sell cookie dough, a $25.00 deposit check is required. Send deposit check to WYSA, PO Box 556, Watertown, SD 57201. Cookie dough order form will be available on the website ( under documents library in March. Cookie dough order forms will be DUE the beginning of April, specific date TBD. Pick up of cookie dough will be 2 days (TBD) early in May at HyVee between 5:30pm-7:00pm.

Uniform Fees: Players purchase or rent uniforms. Cost for uniform is $85.00. Additional socks are $10.00. Replacement uniforms will be at full price plus shipping ($115). Uniform rental is available for $10.00 per event and purchase socks for $10.00. If rental uniform is damaged or discolored, you will be charged $115.00 for a replacement uniform.

Fall Events:
* DASC Fall Kick Off..….August 25-26, 2018---Sioux Falls, SD Cost per player: $50.00
* Target Cup ………….…September 14-16, 2018---Mitchell, SD Cost per player: $40.00
* NSC Fall Cup ………..…..……October 6-7, 2018---Blaine, MN Cost per player: $50.00
* Socctoberfest ………….…October 26-28, 2018---Omaha, NE Cost per player: $55.00

Winter Events:
* Futsal Flurry……………....……..…..December 7-9, 2018---Watertown, SD Cost per player: $25
* DFRC Rumble……………….....……….January 11-13, 2019---Yankton, SD Cost per player: $45
* Cubby's Futsal………….......….……January 25-27, 2019---Brookings, SD Cost per player: $50
* Wesleyan Winter Classic…...………..February 15-17, 2019---Mitchell, SD Cost per player: $40
* Jackrabbit Friendlies….Boys March 9 & Girls March 10---Brookings, SD Cost per player: $35

Spring/Summer Events:
* NSC Spring Cup………………….May 4-5, 2019---Blaine, MN Cost per player: TBD
* Tempo Classic……………………...…June 7-9, 2019---Tea, SD Cost per player: TBD
* Tri-City Storm Tournament….…..June 14-16, 2019---Fargo, ND Cost per player: TBD
* Fishback Tournament………..July 19-21, 2019---Brookings, SD Cost per player: TBD
***Teams will also participate in the DDL games in the Spring

**Additional tournaments may be added at an additional cost per event**

Parent Meeting: Monday, November 5th, 2018 at Field House (classroom)

Boys & Girls at 6:00 PM

Please be prepared to commit to WINTER events at parent meeting so we can register teams. Tournament fees will be added to your account. You will be able to login and pay by credit card.

PLEASE NOTE: All tournament fees MUST be paid no later than Friday of the week prior to the event to be eligible to participate!!

    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.